Tusk or Tooth

On Halloween 2011, Oh Land played a concert in the UK on a tour supporting her second album.

She had to find a costume at the last minute; and by using some pipe cleaners, she got her hair spun up in something that looked like a horn on the forehead. 

It caused quite a stir among the audience, who started calling Oh Land fans “Narwhales". Immediately after, the eternal debate about whether the narwhal has a horn or a tooth arised. 

Technically, it is a tooth, but most see it as a horn, which is reminiscent of the mythological animal unicorn.

The debate got Oh Land thinking that, in the end, they are just words - and she heard similar debates from record company executives, about whether her music is this or that, what genre, which box to put her in.

As Oh Land put it herself: 

" I decided that any music categorization is ultimately indifferent. The important thing is whether the music makes you think, wonder and, most importantly, feel.


I trust that the listener can create their own perception of reality. It is with great enthusiasm, that I start my own record label TUSK OR TOOTH with my great colleagues and friends A:Larm, Kasper Bjørke and Farra Mathews. A company where only your imagination sets the limits. The first release being the third studio album which I have worked diligently to complete over the last 2 years.

In the future I see TUSK OR TOOTH as an opportunity to also release other people's music - without letting it being dictated by genres or terms."